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Chef's knife – Gyuto

If you only have one knife in your kitchen, it should be a chef ’s knife. The most versatile knife that exists, the chef ’s knife is suitable for many different cutting techniques and almost all types of ingredients.


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Vegetable knives – Santoku

A Santoku vegetable knife is a staple in most Japanese kitchens and is known as a fast, efficient way to chop. he blade of a vegetable knife is shorter and thinner than a chef ’s knife, as well as being wider and curved, which allows for effective rolling movements when chopping and cutting.


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Paring knives — Kawa muki

A paring knife is indispensable in a knife collection as it is necessary for many small cutting tasks where a chef ’s knife would be impractical.


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Utility knives — Naifu

The in-between knife. It may not sound prestigious, but what it lacks in status, the utility knife makes up for in ease of use. Perfect for tasks that are too small for a chef ’s knife and too big for a paring knife, the specific utility knife you choose depends on your unique needs and cooking habits. If there are often children in the kitchen who are ready to handle sharp knives, a utility knife is a great option for them.


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Bread knives — Pan-kiri

With its distinctive, serrated blade, a high-quality bread knife slices quickly through the most robust food. Beloved by bakers and bread eaters, these bread knives slice through thick crusts like no other knives can. Making them a mainstay of every kitchen.


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